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Mouth & Bite Guards in Riverview

Riverview Dentistry offers a variety of dental appliances including sports mouthguards for active children and bite guards for bruxism.

Mouth Guards to play sports protect teeth

Mouth Guards

A sports guard helps protect your teeth from damage while playing sports. While generic sports guards are available at sports stores, these may not properly fit your teeth.

Riverview Dentistry offers custom mouth guards, which are fitted to your mouth to provide optimal protection and comfort.

Bite Guards

A night guard, or bite guard, is an appliance prescribed to patients to help treat grinding of the teeth (bruxism). In general, it protects the teeth, existing dental work, and other vital structures by offering a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth.

While you wear the appliance at night, it protects your teeth from damage caused by grinding and alleviates strain in your head, neck and jaw muscles.

Bite Guards night guard bruxism

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