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Tooth Extractions in Riverview

At Riverview Dentistry, we promise to do all we can to save your teeth. Our friendly dental team will walk you through the process and assess if tooth extraction is necessary.

Why might I need a tooth extracted?

There are many reasons why we may recommend extracting a tooth, such as: 

  • Crowding other teeth
  • Advanced levels of tooth decay 
  • Sinus issues 
  • Teeth which are partially erupted 
  • Gums that are infected 

Will having my tooth extracted be painful?

With current techniques tooth extraction should not be painful. Our skilled team will begin by placing a local anaesthetic to the area surrounding your tooth. If anything becomes uncomfortable for you during the procedure, our caring team will be listening and ready to help make you comfortable.

What steps will I need to follow after my tooth is removed?

During your appointment, our team will explain to you how to care for your mouth after the extraction. By following some simple steps, you can prevent any problems following extraction.

When will I be able to eat regular foods?

After your procedure, you should eat only soft foods for a couple of days. As you heal, you can add solid foods back into your diet.

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